Ogham Collection

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IPA /ˈoʊ.əm/

Our ancestors carved inscriptions in the Ogham alphabet into standing stones across ancient Ireland.

Using a system of linear notches along one central line they created this unique alphabet and the earliest form of writing found in Ireland. The rune-like script, read vertically from the bottom up, originally contained twenty letters, arranged in four groups of five, to denote the sounds of an early form of the Irish language. Each group was made up of single liner notches, easily carved in wood or stone, with each letter represented by one to five notches located to the left, right, diagonally across or in the middle of the central line.

With nature being such an important part of the ancient Irish culture, each letter is linked to old Irish names for trees, for example, the letter ‘b’ is called beith, for birch and the letter ‘c’ is coll, for ‘hazel’.

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ogham alphabet - an ancient irish language